Wrought Iron Wine Racks

Wine racks are devices that store and organize bottles of wine. Wine racks come in many different shapes, designs and sizes. For example, at the restaurant Sixteen, located in the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago, the wine racks are huge and designed to hold hundreds of wine bottles at once.

Other, more common iron wine racks are smaller and serve a slightly different purpose, such as kitchen wine ranks that hold bottles meant for more immediate use.

wrought iron wine racks

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Types of Wine Racks

Wine racks come in different types that can be classified according to material and style. The two most common materials used to make wine racks are wood and metal. Wooden wine racks have a longer history and look more at home in wine cellars and kitchens. Wood can be painted or finished  in any color that the vintner or collector wishes. Metal, on the other hand, can be shaped in a variety of intricate designs. Metal adds a modernistic touch and the ability to add artistic flair to a wine rack.

Different Kinds of Metal Wine Racks

Metal wine racks, in turn, come in their own shapes and sizes. Unlike wood, which is only one type of material, metal wine racks can be classified by the kind of metal that is used to make them. For instance, stainless steel wine racks add great value to a kitchen, especially with different wines. A popular kind of metal wine rack is made from wrought iron. Wrought iron is an alloy of iron that has been deliberately mixed with slag in order to give it a grainy texture similar to wood.

Wrought Iron Wine Racks

This type of wine rack is popular because wrought iron can be shaped into any design the vintner wants. Designs can be fashioned after any type of of pattern the blacksmith or client wants. For example, designs are made from human images, spirals, clouds, cliffs, and even shapes like hearts, circles, squares and rectangles.

Wrought iron wine racks bring a touch of class to th interiors they grace. These wine racks are often best used for storing wine that is meant to be opened at some point in the future instead of aged. If the vintner wants to age his wine, wooden wine racks are preferable.

The Price of a Wrought Iron Wine Rack

Depending on how many wine bottles the wine rack holds, the price can vary considerably. For example, a ten-bottle wine rack costs more than $80, while a one-bottle wine rack usually costs less than $30. In addition, the wine rack can be customized to whatever specifications the customer wants, such as designing wine glass holders surrounding the wine bottles. Not surprisingly, these designs are more expensive than simpler racks.

Comparing Prices

The price of a wrought iron wine rack obviously varies with the complexity of the wine rack in addition to the type of material it is made from. For instance, a ten-bottle wooden wine rack costs about $50, while a nine-bottle stainless steel wine rack costs around $60. The price that a customer is willing to pay will also vary depending on the level of quality that he wants.

Where Wrought Iron Wine Racks Are Available

Wrought iron wine racks can be found in abundance online, where there are many wine-related websites solely dedicated to wine racks of every material, size and design. Unfortunately, there are not many national grocery store chains that sell wine racks. One that does is Target, which offers wine racks as part of their furniture selection.

Popular Wrought Iron Wine Rack Brands

Grotto wine racks are popular with wine connoisseurs. Additionally, the website Wine Enthusiast manufactures their own brand of wine racks and even custom-builds wine cellars.

Why People Love Wrought Iron Wine Racks

Wrought iron lends a fashionable air to any kitchen, no matter the style. Wrought iron wine racks combined with high-quality wines make for a great addition to any kitchen area, and wine enthusiasts as well as casual wine drinkers benefit from using the classy look of a wrought iron wine rack.

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