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Wine is one of the most sought after beverages throughout the world, and it makes dinner parties, cocktail parties, and almost every other social situations more enjoyable and tasteful. It has been a part of the world’s history for thousands of years and has made it to tables in almost every part of the world.

Today, wine is making its way to more homes every day as more specialty wine shops open their doors to wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts. Many of these shops offer discounts to their customers if he or she will purchase by the case. This is a great advantage because there are times when wine shops will also offer wines for sale at prices even less than the case discount, which are called “tent sales” at many stores.

With the purchase of a Danby wine cooler, you will be able to store your wine at an optimal temperature to ensure the maintenance of your wine’s integrity, as well as give you a contemporary addition to the space wherever it is placed.

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Why Purchase a Wine Cooler?

Many wines do not require refrigeration although there is a desired temperature for storing wine over the long term. One of the reasons that wine should be kept at an optimal temperature is to ensure that its taste does not suffer. By storing your wine at a consistently maintained temperature, you are keeping oxidation and other chemical processes from taking place due to temperature fluctuations.

By keeping storage temperature constant, you will ensure that your wine will maintain its intended chemical balance. Not only will this maintain the integrity of the wine, but if you choose a wine cooler to handle your needs it will give you a funtional storage area that adds both style and class to the room that it adorns.

Sizes and Shapes

Danby wine coolers come in many different shapes and sizes. There are sizes that will fit perfectly in a residential kitchen, and wine coolers that will be an ideal size for a commercial kitchen as well.

Also, you should keep in mind that not everyone tucks their wine cooler in the kitchen. These recent Danby wine coolers are certainly stylish enough to be placed in more highly trafficked living areas. The contemporary design will allow them to blend naturally with any furniture style, and they are offered in a wide range of different colors and designs.

  • One of the most popular styles of the Danby wine coolers is the Silhouette Series. This particular style of Danby wine cooler functions both as a beverage and wine cooler. It will hold over one hundred cans as well as eleven bottles of wine. This option will cost the consumer around eight hundred dollars, but it is said to be worth every penny.
  • Another option for those looking to purchase a wine cooler is the Danby 30 Bottle Free Standing Wine Cooler, a product intended solely for the storage of wine. This cooler is a more popular choice for many because it stores only wine, and its price is far more economical than other wine coolers of this size. This cooler comes in stainless steel with black trim. It controls itself by turning off-and-on to maintain a consistent temperature.

These units can be purchased at many home appliance stores as well as retail stores online. You may find the prices online to be cheaper than those in retail stores although you will have more options for returns if something should malfunction.

Choosing your Danby Wine Cooler

When you are considering the purchase of a new Danby wine cooler, you should first consider where you will be placing this new piece.

For instance, if you are planning on placing the cooler in your kitchen, you should think about where. If you have an available space beside the refrigerator, this could be a great place for your new wine cooler. However, space in your kitchen may be limited, which is why Danby has created so many options for you to choose from.

  • Many kitchens have space available underneath cabinets, which is why Danby has made the DWC172BL. This unit will fit snugly under your cabinets atop of the counter tops. This model is great for the person who buys wine once per month or for those who drink wine on a daily basis. The DWC172BL will hold up to seventeen bottles of wine and can also be mounted underneath your cabinets if a counter top is unavailable. This model has become increasingly popular for its economical price tag. You will find this model online and in retail stores for anywhere from $100 – $150, which rivals other wine coolers in this range.

If you buy cases of wine on a regular basis to host parties and other social gatherings, you may want to find a space in your home to put a free standing Danby wine cooler. One of the most popular models in this style is the Silhouette 54 Bottle Free Standing model. This model features the ability to hold up to 54 bottles of wine and features side by side doors. The cooler comes in both stainless steel and black and can be purchased for anywhere from $800 – $875 in most retail stores or online.

Danby Wine Cooler Options Flex to Meet Every Purpose

No matter what your desires or specific needs may be, there is sure to be a Danby wine cooler that will fit your needs. Whether you are a dazzling urbanite that holds social gatherings in your home many times per week, or you have a simple family that enjoys having an occasional glass of wine with dinner, a Danby wine cooler was made for you.

Enjoying fine wines can be a rewarding and enriching experience, and keeping your wine at its best should remain a top priority. Danby wine coolers help you get it done.

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