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Wine Racks Are the Perfect Storage Solution

Wine racks are a great choice for those who have a growing wine collection or those who are outgrowing their wine cellar or refrigerator. Indeed, wine racks are always best for bottles of wine that will be consumed rather quickly, as storing wine for more than a couple of months will need cool temperatures and low humidity, such as those found in a wine refrigerator or cellar.

Not only are wine racks great for additional storage, but they look decorative and stylish on counter tops, kitchen islands or corners.

When shopping around for a wine rack, you are bound to come across a multitude of materials, including glass, metal and wood. While each one has its advantages, many wine collectors fall in love with the benefits of pine wine racks.

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Benefits of Choosing a Pine Wine Rack

Wood wine racks are very popular because wood is durable, easy to work with, stable and can be relatively inexpensive. Since pine grows quickly, it can be used and re-grown quickly, keeping prices at a minimum for consumers, unlike other types of wood, including oak and cedar.

Pine is also versatile and can be finished in a wide variety of colors, or clear-coated to highlight the clean, clear graining of the wood. Many people enjoy the light, natural colors of pine so they choose to purchase wine racks that are unfinished and use something that complements their interior design.

Though not classified as a hardwood, pine is durable and sturdy, so you can rest assured that the rack you choose will support the weight of the wine bottles.

With pine being readily available, there are plenty of racks to choose from that will complement your own home’s décor as well as your personal wine collection. For these reasons, it is no wonder why pine is the first choice of craftsmen and a popular option for wine connoisseurs.

What to Look For in a Pine Wine Rack

Wondering which type of pine wine rack is right for your needs? Just like choosing any other type of wine rack, there are a few points to consider.

First, make sure that the rack you choose will hold your wine bottles. Some have standard sized slots, while others have larger slots, which are necessary for storing certain types of wines. Also look for racks that will tightly secure the wine bottles by the neck, allowing them to lie on their sides at all times.

Some wine racks come finished, while others do not. If you have a knack for fixing things up, you may enjoy an unfinished wine rack that you can stain and paint yourself to complement your home or wine cellar. Others enjoy the natural, rustic look of unfinished pine wood, while others will take nothing short of a rack that is stained and finished with a rich color.

Also be sure that you have an appropriate place to put a pine wine rack. These racks can complement an overflow of wine bottles from your cellar or refrigerator, or be placed on a kitchen counter top for easy access. Keep in mind however, that areas that are subject to sunlight coming in or temperature fluctuations can alter the taste of the wine, so it’s best to place the rack in a dark, cool corner or basement of the home.

Types of Pine Wine Racks

Working with wood is bound to bring you a multitude of choices and designs to fit your personal preferences. Many pine wine racks are stackable so you can continue to expand your wine collection. These stackable racks often come in the shape of a square and have diamond shaped slots to place the wine. They are affordable and sturdy so it’s easy to add and stack as you wish.

Other types of pine wine racks include those that are free standing and have individual slots for each wine bottle. The advantage to these racks is that they are lightweight and versatile enough to fit on a counter top or next to an existing wine cellar, depending on the overall size and structure of the unit. These racks incorporate unique details and designs that make them decorative as well as functional.

How Much do Pine Wine Racks Cost?

Since pine grows quickly and is readily available, the price for these wine racks are relatively low compared to other types of wood. Generally, wooden wine racks tend to be more expensive than glass or metal racks, as they are architecturally beautiful and well built. If you want the benefits of wood at an affordable price, pine is the choice for you.

Many manufacturers offer wine racks that hold about 18 to 24 bottles for $50 or less. Indeed, larger units can cost around $130 to $200, but there are also racks that are large and can hold as many as 100 bottles or more. If you’re looking to save money, opt for a wine rack that is unfinished and simple in design and structure, as choosing one that has curvature will cost more.

Where Can I Buy Quality Pine Wine Racks?

With pine being a popular choice for craftsmen and manufacturers, it’s easy to find pine wine racks through any home goods store or online. Shopping at stores such as Williams-Sonoma or Bed Bath and Beyond will offer a few wine racks to choose from that are well made and affordable. You can also choose to go through a wine enthusiast manufacturer, such as Wine Cellar Innovations, that offers an extensive collection of pine products.

Shopping online will give you the best selection and the most affordable prices, and you have the option to compare features and prices across companies. Yet if you want to save on shipping and see the units in person, you will have to locate a few key stores first.

Keep in mind that if you are handy and enjoy building your own units, you can opt for a pine wine making kit that allows you to construct your very own wine rack using pieces of pine, with the choice to stain the wood afterward.

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