Hanging Wine Racks

Wine storage is both practical and decorative, the perfect compliment for your entertainment area. There are many options out there, including cabinets, wall-mounted storage and hanging racks, and selecting the right kind of wine storage for your space is largely a matter of taste.

Hanging wine racks are attractive and fun, and better still, they are often less expensive than other kinds of wine storage. If you check out some of the possibilities, these are the details you will discover.

hanging wine racks

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Styles of Hanging Wine Racks

Many of the hanging wine racks that are available today are comprised of some arrangement of metal rods twisted in a spiral shape, so that wine bottles can be placed upside down in each spiral. In some cases, several of these spirals will be linked together and hung by a hook from the ceiling. This gives you an attractive chain of bottles hanging over your entertainment area, where they are easily available and fully visible.

There are a few variations on this theme. The Oenophilia company makes a six-bottle model called the Climbing Tendril, which comes in black, copper and chrome. This is the simplest form, with six metal spirals hanging together and no decorative work. It has a masculine, no-frills look.

If you go shopping for it on the Internet, you will find prices around $22 to $25. There is a slightly different model called the bottle bunch, which you will also find on many sites. In this one, the bottles hang together in a cluster rather than in a log chain. It’s a bit pricier, around $40, but some people might prefer the style. Very similar types are sold under a variety of names, such as bottle vine, wine vine and fleur de lis.

As you might expect, there are more elegant and stylish models available as well. Some have the tendril shape, but are decorated with leaves to look like real vines. Others have flowers, decorative swirls, and so forth. These are more expensive, sometimes as high as $80.

  • There are hanging racks in which there is a shelf or rack for the bottles, and a surface which can be used as a table. Many of these also have a lower rack for the wine glasses. The whole unit hangs on chains from the ceiling. Prices vary; models in which the bottle holder is made of wood may be as low as $70, while more elaborate metal models can be around $200.
  • There are wall models, usually with a shelf and a wine glass rack on the bottom. There are many styles and designs, some incorporating the metal spirals that we have seen in other kinds, while some have a rack design. In some, the bottles hang in a row, while in others, they fit into niches. Prices vary widely, from as low as $30 to $80 or more.

Another point to consider is that in the more expensive cabinets, you have to actually pull the bottle out to read the label. This can be tedious if you’re looking for one particular bottle. With a hanging wine rack, the label is clearly visible, thus avoiding the problem.

Price Comparison: Hanging Racks are Economical

All of these hanging wine racks compare very favorably with other types of wine storage. Cabinets of wood or metal can run to $1,000 or occasionally more, and while they may go well in some settings, the less expensive hanging variety are quite attractive and practical. If price mattrs more to you than elegance, a hanging wine rack is a good option.

Availability: Finding your Hanging Wine Racks Online

There are many Internet sites that sell these products, and the prices are generally similar from one to another. To find good selections, go to the Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, eWineRacks.com, the Wine Store, Target or Amazon.

Manufacturers who make these products include Oenophilia, Xiafeng, Enclume, Calistoga, Checkolite and Chancellor. If you’re looking for something simple and inexpensive, try Oenophilia. If the sky’s the limit and you want something stylish and elegant, try Xiafeng.

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