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Inexpensive Options for Wine Racks

Wine racks are a necessity for any wine enthusiast. Sometimes finding a cheap alternative is almost a challenge when it’s so tempting to go all-out to make your wine collection look its best. Anybody who enjoys or collects a lot of wine knows: done right, this hobby is expensive. We should at least be able to save some money on the display we use for our collections!

Fortunately, there are options out there for under 100 dollars, and quality doesn’t have to be sacrificed to enjoy your savings (and your wine collection!).

cheap wine racks

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  • Small Racks (to accommodate less than 40 bottles): In terms of racks that are just stand alone shelves for wine, there are many options that are under 100 dollars. For around 40 dollars, it isn’t very hard to find small wine racks that hold 12 bottles and a very nice quality. There are high quality wood wine racks available either finished or unfinished for under 50 dollars from These racks are very elegant and perfect to display a few of your finest bottles. For an even less expensive option, you can buy a wire rack that holds anywhere from 4 to 20 bottles for only 10-25 dollars. This is by far the cheapest option, although its simple design and construction ends-up adding very little to your decor.
  • Mid-sized Racks (for holding 40-100 bottles): Obviously, the more bottles you want to hold, the more expensive it will be to hold them. When you start to have a larger wine collection, getting a wine rack is likely going to require a relatively subtantial investment. When you take the time to weigh your options, there are still some great possibilities in the mid-sized range that are very affordable. For around 80 dollars, you can get a good looking, natural wood wine rack that holds 40 bottles. If you want to get into something with a little more panache, there 45-bottle wine racks made of wrought iron with beautiful designs for around 170 dollars on These can come in “wine jail” style, where there is a door with decorative bars, or there are open racks. There are racks that are in the diamond pattern, where you can stack wine bottles one on top of the other in a pyramid for a smaller investment, or if you want an individual container for each bottle of wine, it’ll be a little more.
  • Large Racks (Over 100 bottles): Wine racks that hold more than 100 bottles are going to cost over 100 dollars, even for the lowest quality racks. This isn’t a bad value considering how many bottles these racks hold, but the quality offered at these lower costs, often suffers. The racks you can get for about 110 dollars that hold around 110 bottles of wine are diamond style, natural wood racks, with 12 different compartments. In each of these compartments you can stack wine in a pyramid like pattern. These racks look okay, and you’ve probably seen something similar at your local italian restaurant, but it makes getting to any bottle of wine harder. With a larger collection of wine, it can be very inconvenient to not have individual compartments for each bottle. For this reason, I recommend spending a little more, and getting a rack that holds each bottle individually. For this, you can get a natural wood rack with 15 shelves. You put the wine next on the shelf so that you can get each bottle of wine individually, without worrying about moving around other bottles. Something like this will cost around 180 dollars for natural wood, or ten more dollars for a wine rack finished with a very tasteful looking mahogany.
  • Building Your Own: Another option in wine racks, and the one that is probably going to be the least expensive, is to build your own. You can go to a local hardware store or a reailer like Home Depot and pick up a very nice wood for relatively cheap. Beech, birch, cedar, cherry, fir, oak, mahogany, maple or spruce are all viable options to be used for building a wine rack. Just remember, soft wood is easier to work with, but less durable, and any wood you use has to have a low moisture content so it doesn’t warp over time, less than 12% is best. Wood is probably the easiest to work with, and I wouldn’t recommend working with metal unless you get a kit, or have some background in metal work. The total amount of time you’ll have to put into making a wine rack will be more than if you’re to buy one, but if you decide to take this route, you’ll typically find it to be very affordable in the longterm.

Everything you decide, depends on your unique and specific wine rack needs. Whether you have a small collection of some favorites or a large collection of hundreds of bottles, whether you want something that looks attractive or is simply functional, whether you’re willing to put in time to make your own, or just want an inexpensive option to buy. Once all of these things are properly considered, you can do a little more specificallt targeted research to find a wine rack that meets all your needs for a good price.

You should be able to get a very solid wine rack for under 250 dollars and have an attractive, if not simple piece that will proudly display your collection, large or small. This is considered by many, to be a cheap wine rack. And depending on the size of the collection you are looking to house, it certainly can be.

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