Dual Zone Wine Coolers

Any avid wine drinker knows that the temperature of a wine matters when serving. The temperature at which certain wines are served can either make or break the tasting experience. A dual zone wine cooler can be an invaluable investment not only for a restaurant, but for an individual.

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Temperatures Wines Should Be Served

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White wines are generally served a little warmer than sparkling wines, but colder than red wines. They should be served chilled, but not ice cold. Lower temperatures will bring out the fruity flavors and sweetness, but if it’s served at too cold of a flavor, it could dull the taste. Usually, the ideal temperature for a white wine is between forty-five to fifty degrees F.

Red wines should be served slightly chilled, but warmer than white wines. It is commonly believed that a red wine should be enjoyed at “room temperature”. Now, unless you like it slightly chilly in your domain, this isn’t really recommended. A red wine should never be served above sixty-five degrees F. This can affect the flavors and and aromas of the wine.

Red wine that is served too warm can also have too much of an alcohol taste. Around fifty to sixty degrees F is recommended for serving most red wines. When serving lesser quality red wines, you may want to chill to a slightly lower temperature.

Dual Zone Wine Cooler

A dual zone wine cooler is pretty much self explanatory. This is a wine cooler that is designed to store different wines at different temperatures. Since it stores at two different temperature, you can store two different types of wine in their optimal settings.

These units have two separate, individually refrigerated compartments. The compartments are each controlled by separate thermostat, and each compartment has its own temperature display. Both red and white wines can be stored in the same unit and both wines can maintain the perfect temperature.

Advantages of a Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Investing in a dual zone wine cooler can save you quite a hassle. If you are an avid wine drinker or entertainer, chances are, you are looking into some way to conveniently store your wine collection. Since different wines should be stored and served at different temperatures, this can prove to be a difficult task. Buying two different wine coolers for your various wines can become pricey and take-up entirely too much room.

With the purchase of a dual zone wine cooler, you are only spending one price for one cooler. Buying one for your red wines and one for your white wines can start getting rather expensive. With a single unit wine cooler that can be set and maintain two different temperatures, you can save at least a couple hundred dollars.

Saving space is a rather big issue with some people, especially if they live in a small apartment. Utilizing every bit of space is an absolute must. With one wine cooler instead of two, the extra space saved can be put to much better use than a half empty cooler.

Chilling a bottle or three in the refrigerator or freezer is not only difficult, but frustrating as well. With a wine cooler that keeps different temperatures for each wine, this method is no longer necessary. You are able to enjoy your wines without trying to scramble to chill them quickly, or potentially damage them by chilling them too much.

Price Ranges for a Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Like many appliances, the price of a dual wine cooler will vary depending on the holding capacity, brand, and other factors. They can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

Some prices are relatively inexpensive. For example, Avanti makes a unit that hold eighteen bottles of wine. The price on this unit is listed at just over $300. Shopping around online can save you a large amount of money, though. One site had this particular cooler listed at just over $200.

If you’re looking to store a large amount of wine, you will be looking at a much, much higher price. These units can range from $700 to over $3,000. A unit by Vinotemp can store almost nine hundred bottles of wine, and the price is around $7,000.

If you’re looking to invest in a dual zone cooler for your wines, ask the clerk at your local wine shop. These people are invaluable when it comes not only to wine choices, but wine accessories.

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