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Individuals purchasing a wine cooler will have many options to review and evaluate. Consumers must consider the amount they have budgeted to spend for the item, the number of bottles they wish to store and whether they intend to store red wine, white wine or both. Individuals seeking to store both white wine and red wine need to consider a multi-zone refrigerator.

The price of the a multi-zone unit will depend upon the manufacturer, size, and features offered. The wine cooler units can range in size from 6 bottle units to 500 bottle units. Features include adjustable shelves, variable temperature zones, stainless steel, digital temperature control, energy efficient features and lighting.

Some of the wine coolers are free standing, built-in, counter top, towers, or single sleeve wine bottle coolers. Depending upon the space available consumers may select a variety of styles.

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Wine racks from Haeir: product review

Haier provides consumers with quality wine cooler systems and offer a variety of sizes, features, and price points. Two of the Haier wine cooler systems are listed and briefly reviewed below.

12 Bottle Wine Cooler – Haier HVT12ABB

This particular wine cooler is a freestanding unit with leveling legs. The unit accommodates 12 bottles of wine. The features include silent and vibration free operation. These features protect the wine bottle. Thermoelectric cooling technology uses less energy and is considered “green” technology. This type of product does not emit CFCs or HCFCs into the environment. Thermoelectric cooling is also preferred for aging wines.

This particular version is available in all black with a clear double paned glass door for thermal insulation and UV protection. The model is also available in a wood frame door and silver interior. A recessed handle and a space efficient design are desirable features of the unit. Inside the wine cooler are 3 wavy sliding chrome wire racks. Each rack holds four 750 ml Bordeaux-style wine bottles.

The thermostat of the wine cooler adjusts from white wine suggested temperatures to red wine suggested temperatures. However, the thermostat does not indicate the specific temperature value. The temperature ranges from 50 to 61 degrees Fahrenheit. Critics also complain that the unit does not have an interior light. It does have a venting unit, which is important for maintaining proper wine temperatures and humidity.

This particular unit has received complaints about the longevity of its performance. Some units were reportedly ceasing to work within months of the original purchase date.

Price Range: $80 to $180

Other Popular Brands: Cuisinart, Vinotemp, or Wine Enthusiast

Comparing Haier to Other Options:

None of the 12 bottle wine coolers appear to have incredible longevity. Consumers complained about Cuisinart and Vinotemp only lasting a little over a year. Wine Enthusiast appears to have the most longevity of the wine coolers. Vinotemp and Wine Enthusiast possess two different temperature zones for red and white wines, whereas, Haier does not. Cuisinart does not appear to have any strengths compared to Haier. The unit is purportedly loud compared to its counterparts.

Purchase Locations:

35 Bottle Wine Cooler – Haier HVZ035ABS

This particular unit is a freestanding wine cellar unit with leveling legs for balance. This particular unit does possess a compressor. Therefore, because of the vibration storing wines longer than 1 to 2 years in this unit is not recommended.

This unit does, however, possess dual compartments to store red and white wines in different temperature zones. In fact, the unit possesses an automatic setting for each. It has many preset features for ease of operation. The unit prevents consumers from abruptly slamming the door of the wine cooler with an automatic door stopper.

Stainless steel and black are the two choices for a consumer to select from. Both wine coolers have glass doors with stainless steel trim and a recessed handle. The unit possesses 5 flat wire racks coated with vinyl. The unit also possesses two half depth racks. An interior light is present in this particular unit.

Price Range: $400 to $550

Other Popular Brands: Cuisinart, Vinotemp, or Wine Enthusiast

Comparing Haier to Other Options:

Wine Enthusiast produces a 35 bottle wine cooler to rival Haier. This comparable wine cooler offers each of the features Haier offers.

  • The unit possesses 6 wine racks with the top 3 as cradle unit.
  • The unit stores 28 bottles on the wine racks and displays 7 bottles upright. Therefore, consumers can store wines after they have been opened without fear of leakage.
  • The unit possesses dual temperature ranges with a digital temperature control.
  • The interior possesses 10 mini lights on the door and 1 interior light.
  • This particular unit is thermoelectric, as opposed to the compressor technology in Haier. (The back needs space to vent to an open area.)

Wine Enthusiast’s wine cooler unit does have a 90 warranty plan. Most consumers seem to like this version. Some consumers complain about damaged labels, shelves, or cheaply made interior – yet the unit’s performance is not typically an issue.

VinoTemp possesses a 34 bottle capacity and a quiet compressor run unit similar to the Haier unit. The unit is freestanding and has a soothing blue interior light, double paned glass door and 6 pull out shelves. Bulk storage is also available within the unit.

VinoTemp offers consumers a touch screen display. The glass door is a dual pane glass door. This unit also possesses a safety lock, whereas Haier does not possess this particular feature. The unit has adjustable temperature control, but does not feature dual temperature zones like the Haier model.

Cuisinart does not offer a 35 bottle unit. However, its 16 bottle unit did not offer any advantages over Haier’s unit. Danby, however, does offer a 35 bottle wine cooler for consumers. The unit is freestanding or it can be integrated into cabinetry. The unit possesses soothing blue interior lighting, digital thermostat, stainless steel shelves, a safety lock with a key, and a 2 year warranty. This particular unit is a compressor unit like Haier’s unit.

Purchasing Locations for Cuisinart, Vinotemp and Wine Enthusiast:

  • Lowes
  • Buy.com
  • BeverageFactory.com
  • Amazon.com
  • NetShop, Inc.
  • ABES of Maine
  • eTronics.com


For the sake of brevity, only two Haier products were mentioned. However, the manufacturer produces a unit in many various styles. Haier can be a great starter unit and is economical for those wanting to save money. Based on consumer feedback, it may be wise for consumers to comparatively evaluate these coolers against the value offered by others, produced by other brands in a similar price range.

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