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Throughout history, wine racks have tended to take rather substantial forms, designed to accommodate rather extensive collections of wine. Once housed solely in underground wine cellars, designed primarily for the environmental qualities they offered for long term wine storage, wine racks gradually began to move above ground, finding their way into dining rooms and kitchens in everyday households.

From large wrought iron, vintage inspired designs, to sleek steel and glass modern pieces, wine racks quickly became the must-have accessory for the modern household.

In order to cater to consumers who may not necessarily maintain substantial wine collections, or those who wished to keep a small selection of bottles separate from their main collection, the availability of table top and counter top wine racks began to grow…and these remain very popular options today.

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Common Uses For Table Top Wine Racks

The most frequent use for a table top wine rack is to be able to have a supply of wine, on hand, at the dinner table. These often hold anywhere from one to three bottles, though some larger designs can be found to accommodate larger dinner parties or social gatherings.

For the most part, however, the smaller designs are relied upon and used in multiples, as needed, for larger occasions. For more intimate gatherings, the smaller racks would offer either a selection of wines to choose from for the entire meal, or a specific selection of wines, each of which is intended to be paired with individual courses.

Using a table top wine rack is typically done as a convenience, however, some table top wine racks can be more decorative in nature, designed to display a small wine collection on the dining room table when it is not in use. This is particularly common in homes that have formal dining rooms as well as casual dining rooms, or kitchen dining areas. Since the table top wine rack is only used for more formal occasion in these cases, its location tends to be primarily decorative most often.

Common Uses For Counter Top Wine Racks

One of the most common uses for counter top wine racks is to provide convenient access to specific wines that are frequently used for cooking purposes. Known for the rich flavors they can add to a variety of meals, many wines are commonly used, even in everyday recipes.

The counter top wine rack will typically hold one to three bottles of wine, similar to the table top designs. These wines, however, will most likely be those used specifically for cooking purposes. This type of rack allows the consumer to keep the drinking wines and cooking wines separate, while also allowing the cooking wines to be situated in a more convenient spot near the major appliances.

Just as the table top wine rack can sometimes be used for decoration purposes, so too can the counter top model. In fact, vineyards over the years have begun to place more and more emphasis on the visual appearance of their wine bottles, particularly the wine labels. This is not only a marketing technique that has made it more likely for consumers to want to display their wine bottles to showcase their artistic visual designs, but it also helps to catch the consumer’s eye when they are trying to select a wine from the store. No one is sure which the original intention was, but it has proven to be effective in both regards.

Styles Of Table Top And Counter Top Wine Racks

When compared to traditional wine racks, table top and counter top wine racks are typically the most affordable. Because of their compact nature, they are also the most widely available at home décor stores or other home specialty stores.

Unlike larger wine racks, they can also be found in many local superstores at discounted prices, making them more accessible than other styles. Specialty cooking stores, often found in malls and shopping centers, also tend to carry an assortment of table top and counter top wine racks to choose from. Even so, for consumers willing to pay more money for highly artistic designs or more upscale branding, even these compact wine racks can come with substantial price tag attached to them.

Handmade, one of a kind pieces, are also a niche market commonly found with artists who work primarily with various metals. These pieces, however, are typically designed to be viewed as works of art rather than functional, everyday kitchen accessories.

Additional Ttoughts on the style of your table top wine racks:

  • Table top wine racks come in a variety of styles, ranging from ultra modern to vintage-inspired. Since the concept of the table top wine rack is still a fairly modern one, it may be difficult to find true antique pieces in this particular style.
  • Table top racks will often hold a single bottle at a relatively high angle, making it easier for frequent access. Multiple bottle racks are either designed to hold the bottles flat in a horizontal layout, or slightly angled downwards in case longer storage is expected.
  • Some table top racks, commonly referred to as wine trees, are unique and striking designs that are built to hold bottles, cork down, in a branched design. These tend to create a stunning visual impact when used as he centerpiece of a table, making them popular for use as design elements in a room.
  • Counter top wine racks tend to be somewhat wider, rather than longer, in design. This allows them to hold multiple bottles, as needed, but still have enough clearance to be able to be positioned on the counter underneath a cabinet. Some designs also come with the option to either rest on the counter top in a more movable position, or mount directly under the cabinet base for a more permanent fixture.
  • Single bottle counter top wine holders are also common, most often found with a more novelty based design theme. They can take the form of anything from a glass tidal wave, to a exotic bird, to a more abstract modern art design. While the single bottle designs are useful for frequently used cooking wines, they tend to be used more for decorative purposes than functional ones.

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