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Although many people think wine collecting is only a hobby for the wealthy and elite, you don’t have to be a millionaire to collect wine. It is easy to collect and enjoy wine on almost any budget. Compare and contrast the prices of different wines as well as the ways to store and display them, and you’ll see that there are options for every taste and budget.

If you are considering or already collecting some wines, a wine rack is going to be one thing you’ll definitely need. An oak wine rack could very well be exactly what you want – so this article touches on the basics for you. 

oak wine racks

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Considerations for Creating Your Wine Rack

One of the first steps of starting a wine collection is considering where you are going to store it. To preserve the quality of the wine it’s important to choose a good location for storing and aging the wine collection. These are some helpful hints: 

  • The place that you choose should be cool if possible.
  • Avoid high temperatures. Small temperature fluctuations are acceptable but very hot temperatures will ruin your wine.
  • An environment that is around 60 degrees is ideal.
  • Another tip is to store your wine on its side. Storing wine on its side keeps the cork from drying out. This is why it’s important to have a wine rack that will store your wine in the proper position.
  • Avoid sunlight. There’s a reason that a wine storage area is often referred to as a “wine cellar” – like a real cellar, the area should be both dark and cool. Sunlight can break down your wine.
  • You also want to avoid places where there are vibrations or shaking.

Why Oak is a Fine Choice for Wine Racks

It’s easy to organize your collection with the many different styles of wine racks available. Oak wine racks are a popular choice.

An oak wine rack will give your display a warm, rich and traditional feel. Since oak is a sturdy hardwood oak wine racks are tough and strong. In addition, the grain of oak is quite beautiful if it is stained. A homeowner can also easily paint an oak wine rack to more closely match his/her décor.

Common Sizes and Pricing for Oak Racks

Oak wine racks are available in many different sizes and in all price ranges. Some are even expandable for the growing collection.

A basic square oak wine rack that holds 12 bottles starts out at under $50. This style of oak wine rack is advantageous because you can easily stack more units together as your collection expands. They’re also very modular so you can configure them to fit within any space.

Higher-End Options Available

Collectors who want to go beyond the basic oak wine rack can move up to a stunning temperature-controlled wine cabinet, with beveled glass and furniture-style trim for a couple thousand dollars. Many people, however, prefer the ease and simplicity of the basic modular oak wine racks.

Now: Go Find Your Wines!

Once you’ve got your storage area and your oak wine rack picked out, then it’s time to stock it with your favorite wines. If you are new to wine collecting, you may want to stick with wines that are around $20 a bottle until you have enough experience to feel confident about buying more expensive wines.

Hunting for wine can be a very enjoyable experience. Each bottle has a story behind it. In today’s fast-paced and crazy world, sipping a glass of fine wine is like taking a little momentary escape from the stress of daily life. By developing and organizing your collection for display in a fine oak wine rack, you’ll always have a reason to spend more time with your hobbies.

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