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Bordex wine racks are known globally for their innovative design and quality workmanship. Geared towards a wide range of markets, including residential, commercial, and retail, they offer an unsurpassed level of versatility and customization that is second to none in the industry.

In essence, Bordex wine racks provide the ideal solution for any space, budget, or design.

bordeex wine racks

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Who Is Bordex?

Bordex, headquartered in Adelaide, Australia, have been a major player in the wine storage industry since their inception nearly 20 years ago. Frequently recognized by the presenters of the Business SA Export Award, they have relied on their excellent customer service ad innovative design technology to make them the industry leader they are today.

With an emphasis on quality and craftsmanship, Bordex wine racks are currently the leading choice for wine storage solutions across the globe. Relying on the beauty of plantation timber and the strength of baked enamel steel, Bordex wine racks offer a level of customization that no other product can provide.

What Are Bordex Wine Racks?

Bordex wine racks are the ultimate solution to any wine storage need, whether it be in the home, at the store, in a restaurant, or in a warehouse. Their modular design makes them ideal for any budget and allows consumers to have full control over their wine storage needs, allowing their wine racks to grow with them as their collections increase. This is one of the primary factors that sets Bordex wine racks apart from any other competitor in the wine storage industry and also what allows them to offer their product line for such a wide range of storage applications.

Bordex Wine Racks In The Home

For consumers either just starting a wine collection or those who have already begun building a modest selection of wines, Bordex offers modular units that hold as few as 6 bottles of wine to substantially larger modular units that can accommodate 120 bottles.

Because of their modular nature, this design allows a consumer to start off with a 6 bottle kit and expand to a 12 bottle kit by adding an additional 6 bottle kit. They can also begin with a 40 bottle modular unit, eventually adding a 30 bottle unit in order to accommodate up to 70 bottles of wine.

The ability to mix and match the modular units gives the consumer the ability to tailor the size of their wine rack to perfectly match their wine collection.

Various accessories are also available to accompany the Bordex modular systems. These include wall mounting brackets, creating a more modern storage design, and corner connectors, allowing the modular units to occupy connecting walls and effectively use the corner space where the two modular units connect. Like all the Bordex systems, the residential modular units are crafted from beautiful plantation wood with baked enamel steel supports and connectors.

The modular units are also designed to be used in a variety of ways. The connected units are stable enough to stand on their own, creating a freestanding wine storage system. They can also be mounted onto a wall, recommended for smaller modular units as opposed to larger ones, in order to create a storage solution with a modern edge. Bordex modular units are also ideal for constructing inside pre-existing build-ins, offering versatility to meet most any residential need.

Bordex Wine Racks In The Commercial Arena

One of the most important factors for wine storage in the restaurant business isn’t necessarily functional. In fact, most restaurants that receive a large percentage of their profits from their wine sales are known for having very elegant and sophisticated wine racks strategically placed throughout the establishment. This visual marketing not only makes the consumer aware of the various wine selections the restaurant has to offer, it also keeps the idea of wine in general fresh in the diner’s mind throughout the meal.

Bordex wine racks are the ideal choice for commercial wine storage, offering the functionality of a standard commercial wine rack, paired with the visual beauty of a display oriented fixture. Their dual purpose capability not only offers a cost-saving solution for the restaurant owners, it also creates a space-saving solution, eliminating the need for two different types of wine storage.

Bordex also offers accessories designed specifically with the restaurant industry in mind. The mobile cart unit, for example, is perfectly suited for presenting table side selections of recommended wine choices to diners. While an extensive wine list may tempt a portion of the diners, a selection of hand picked choices at their table being presented to them for visual inspection is much more likely to increase wine sales overall.

Bordex Wine Racks In The Retail Marketplace

Similar to the appeal found for these racks in commercial industries, Bordex wine storage solutions allow retail markets to utilize the same storage unit for display and stock.

The modular system is affordable enough to be utilized in mid-level wine markets, such as grocery stores and liquor stores, while also being visually attractive enough to use in higher end establishments, including specialty wine stores and gourmet food shops.

In addition to the standard modular units, Bordex also offers a variety of supplemental units designed specifically for retail and commercial purposes. These include smaller counter displays, seasonal feature displays, double sided units designed for maximizing available space in aisles, and tiered units, allowing multiple products to be displayed in each vertical positioning.

Bordex Wine Rack Pricing

Residential units are the most affordable of all the Bordex lines, simply because they tend to require the least number of components. The modular design of the racks allows them to be used across industries with a consistent pricing platform.

There are naturally built-in discounts for larger modular units, making it slightly more cost efficient to expand storage needs in larger units rather than smaller ones. The 6 bottle units typically start at under $15 while the 12 bottle units can run upwards of $300. While the modular variations are designed to allow a great deal of customization, specially designed units can also be ordered starting around $4 per bottle of storage space.

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