Magic Chef Wine Coolers

Blend affordable price and efficient design in your wine cooler

Those looking for a wine cooler that is both stylish and practical will undoubtedly come across the Magic Chef name.

Magic Chef is a top brand and their wine coolers are inventive, to say the least. When shopping for the perfect cooler for your home, you will probably want to consider all of the available options, noting price, functionality, reliability, and other important factors.

So what makes the Magic Chef products a good choice? Many have found that these wine coolers are subtle and they fit well within the home. The price is right on most, which makes them especially attractive to most consumers.

Magic Chef Wine Coolers Available On

magic chef wine coolers

Size considerations for your cooler

Magic Chef wine coolers come in a host of different size options in order to fit many different needs. Some shoppers are looking for something especially small, while others want a wine cooler that will serve as the central item in their kitchen. The following sizes are available from Magic Chef:

  • 8 bottle
  • 12 bottle
  • 16 bottle
  • 30 bottle
  • 44 bottle
  • 50 bottle

The 8 bottle cooler is movable and serves as a highly practical piece for those looking to entertain. The other wine coolers are much more stationary, fitting into the kitchen or bar area like a small refrigerator. Depending upon how many bottles you are looking to store and how much you are looking to spend, any of these might be right for you. As one might expect, price closely correlates with cooler size.

How does the price of Magic Chef collers compare?

Looking at price in a vacuum is a poor way to assess your potential Magic Chef purchase. In order to understand what you are buying, you will need to know how it compares to the immediate market. Magic Chef coolers are known for being relatively cost-effective when compared to other high quality cooler brands. Though they are not the cheapest on the market, they present solid value given the craftsmanship and design.

The 8-bottle Magic Chef coolers clock in at around $75, depending upon where you shop. This compares favorably to the Cuisinart cooler of the same size, which can be purchased new for around $125. The comparable Haier product is priced at around $72, right in line with what Magic Chef provides.

Moving up in price range, you can expect to pay the following prices for different Magic Chef products:

  • 12 bottle: $150
  • 30 bottle: $300
  • 50 bottle: $400
  • 44 bottle wine and beverage combo: $450

When looking at the rest of the wine cooler market, one can see where Magic Chef would be a nice bargain. For a typical 30-bottle wine cooler from Danby, you can expect to pay $350. Even more frightening is the Avanti WC 30-bottle cooler, which costs up to $450. This particular model comes with an electronic display, but that seems to be a bit unnecessary given the function of the cooler itself. Danby’s 50-bottle cooler will run the average customer $550. Those looking for bargains can find a Haier 50-bottle for a similar price as the Magic Chef, though these are generally seen as somewhat inferior.

Design advantages of these wine coolers

Though the relatively low costs are a nice selling point, they are not the only thing you should consider when purchasing a new wine cooler. You want to know that the product is going to deliver on its promises. In that sense, Magic Chef comes through. Their coolers don’t claim to have unnecessary bells and whistles, but they do provide the type of innovative design that makes sense for consumers.

With the Magic Chef 50-bottle, you get exact temperature controls, which are a huge advantage. Those storing fine wine will want to know the exact temperature on the inside. With smaller models, this option is not available. Instead, owners can set the temperature using simplistic setting options.

One portion of the design that is constantly noted by consumers is the design of the racks. They are made to accommodate standard bottles, which makes loading and unloading a particularly simple task. Another benefit of this type of design is that you do not have to worry about the win falling. Though this added security is a positive, there are some limited downsides that come along with this sort of design. Some consumers complain that the Magic Chef wine coolers do not accommodate strange wine bottles well. If you are planning on storing especially bulky or misshapen bottles, then the rack design may not be right for you.

In all, expect the design to be simple, but effective. These coolers seal well, so you won’t have to worry about wasting energy or ruining the wine. With that said, there are certain downsides that might not be attractive to all wine shoppers.

Where can you buy Magic Chef wine coolers?

Home Depot is a store that carries the Magic Chef brand religiously. Both in their stores and through their website, consumers can expect to find the best available prices. Likewise, many individuals like to shop through Target and This store has recently started carrying the different Magic Chef options. They are noted for having especially low prices on the smaller, more portable wine coolers, so consider Target if you want an 8-bottle design or the slightly more expensive 15-bottle design.

One interesting option to consider is, which is quickly becoming a one-stop shopping option for different needs. They feature a wide range of different Magic Chefs, both new and used. If you are interested in buying used in order to save a few dollars, then this should be a real option for you.

Summary: Economical price point, efficient design creates value

In the end, the Magic Chef wine coolers provide a lot of value for the price. Though they should not be considered top of the line by any means, they are much better than similar coolers in a similar price range. These coolers maintain a small design, which can be helpful for those wine shoppers with distinct space limitations. With all of the available options and the many different shopping venues, finding the Magic Chef to suit your exact needs should not be an issue.

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