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Organizing Your Wine Collection

Whether you enjoy collecting rare bottles of wine or have a small collection saved for guests and special occasions, having a wine rack on hand is the best way to store bottles of wine. Not only are wine racks decorative, but they also keep wine bottles properly stored, an important element when wine collecting.

Many types of wine racks are compact enough to fit on a kitchen countertop or can be attached to a wall for easy access. Yet with so many choices available, it can be difficult to know which type of wine rack is right for your needs.

Many wine collectors are opting for chrome wine racks for a variety of reasons, especially their attractive features and affordability.

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Why Choose Chrome Wine Racks?

When searching for a wine rack, you will find that metal, wood and glass are the most common materials that racks are made from. Quality construction is one of the first features to look for, which is why metal racks often are selected. These racks are strong, durable and well-built, finished in beautiful chrome that is both sophisticated and elegant.

These wine racks are well suited for all types of décor, especially in those homes that have a modern or contemporary interior design. Some have clean, straight lines, while others offer unique bends and twists that add a trendy appeal. Overall, chrome wine racks are simple and sleek, making them easy to work with.

Besides the appearance of these wine racks, there are benefits for wine collectors as well. Metal wine racks keep bottles on their sides at all times, secured by holding the bottle at its neck. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your wine bottles rolling around or lying in unfavorable positions. Chrome racks are also stable, holding a large amount of weight without wobbling or tipping over.

Perhaps the greatest advantage however, is that metal wine racks work well with all types of temperatures. They are resistant to temperature changes and moisture, unlike wooden wine racks that can become moist and damp. Your wine will stay at its freshest and you have the freedom to store your wine rack wherever you see fit.

Chrome Wine Racks Are Best for Short Storage

Although there are many benefits to chrome wine racks, there is one important feature to keep in mind. Since these racks are kept out in the open where temperatures fluctuate, they are best for bottles of wine that will be consumed within a few weeks to a few months. If you plan to keep your wine bottles stored longer, then it is necessary to place them in a wine cellar, cooler or refrigerator. For these reasons, many people use chrome racks store inexpensive bottles of wine that are drunk on a regular basis.

Also keep in mind that where you place your wine rack is just as important as what you place on it. Although kitchens are popular places to store a small collection of wine, kitchens are subject to changing temperatures and sunlight coming in from nearby windows. If you do choose to keep your wine bottles stored on a countertop or kitchen island, it is best to drink them within two months or less so that the wine tastes fresh and full of flavor.

How Much Do Chrome Wine Racks Cost?

Fortunately, chrome wine racks are affordable and fit within most people’s budgets. Indeed, the larger the wine rack, the more expensive it will be, but overall these racks are the perfect way to bring a decorative element and a unique storage space within an affordable price. They are certainly cheaper than their wood alternatives and do not have the risk of warping or gaining moisture. They are also less expensive than glass wine racks, yet are just as modern and sleek looking.

In general, units that hold six to twelve bottles of wine are between $20 and $30. Even better, there are a variety of racks to choose from, including those that are free standing, those that are mounted underneath cabinets and those that hang from the ceiling. If you have a large collection and are looking to store several shelves of wine, you can opt for a large chrome wine rack that costs a couple hundred dollars, still affordable for the expert wine collector. Keep in mind that quality construction and durability are important features to look for, not just price.

Where Can I Buy Chrome Wine Racks?

Fortunately, shopping online or at any home goods store will offer you a large selection of chrome wine racks. These popular units are making their way into many homes, so you are bound to find one that fits exactly what you are looking for. Shopping online will give you the best selection, along with the most competitive prices. You can also compare features, prices and customer reviews, browsing between different brands and manufacturers.

The downside to shopping online, however, is that you cannot see the product in-hand. Seeing the construction is difficult through an online digital picture, as well as checking out the stability of the wine rack.

For this reason, you may find it is better to check out products in-store instead, knowing exactly what you will be investing in. If you feel that this is the safer route, use the Internet to locate stores that sell what you are looking for and then check them out in person. Great manufacturers that sell affordable, contemporary and well constructed chrome wine racks include Williams-Sonoma, Summit and Rogar.

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