Iron Wine Racks

Iron Wine Racks Help You Celebrate Life – and Wine!

Wine is a favorite staple for many households. In many cultures, wine is part of a family dinner, and even small children participate in the tradition of drinking wine with meals.

Wine is symbolic of good times, bounty, prosperity, and celebrations. Many households stock wine at all times. Where to keep wine is important, as well as how to store it. If you do not have a wine cellar at home, or your budget does not allow for expensive electric wine keepers, there are many wine racks available in the market that are a suitable way to store your wine.

Wine racks come in many materials, but iron wine racks are some of the most attractive and durable racks that you can buy. You can find wine racks made of wood, plastic, metal, iron, and even resin. If you want a wine rack that will last you for years to come, selecting an iron wine rack makes a wonderful choice.

Iron Wine Racks Available On

wine rack made or iron

Most iron racks are made of sturdy wrought iron and are manufactured to fit most wine bottle sizes. Some are even handcrafted by iron artisans or blacksmiths.

Styles, sizes, colors, and available finishes

Iron wine racks come in many shapes, styles, and patinas. While one may think of iron as of black color, many manufacturers add color to it, and the result is an iron rack that will match almost any décor.

You can find racks in colors such as satin black, jade patina, copper color, antique or aged bronze, white, gun metal, and even aged iron. Other less traditional colors can also be obtained. Since iron is a surface that can be easily painted, you can customize your rack to match your décor as well.

Wine racks come in many sizes – small, medium, or larger units. You can find iron wine racks to accommodate from one, to six to 60 wine bottles or more. Because some styles come as modular units, you can add several units and create more storage space.

  • Some styles include freestanding iron units, which can be small or large.
  • Other racks are designed to be mounted on a wall.
  • Freestanding units can be suitable for a table or to place on the floor. Some of them may have a glass or wood top, and they serve as a side table as well.
  • Other styles are a combination of an iron rack with a storage cabinet.
  • You will find smaller units for five or six bottles with handles to help you carry them.
  • Other larger freestanding units may also have trays attached to it.
  • Some units have a place to store wine glasses, usually small iron slots where you can slide a wine glass upside down.
  • Some designs have a contemporary, modern look, while other have a more traditional appeal; others take an antique and rough look as well.
  • Some iron racks are made to store three bottles of wine and also serve as bookends.
  • Others are made to hang from the ceiling, usually to be attached to wooden structures.
  • Other racks are made to hold about 5-6 bottles and look like a bouquet, however these racks defy the concept that the wine should be stored sideways, as a bouquet iron rack will have the bottles standing up and tilted to the side.
  • Other styles take a more geometrical look.

When talking about design, the possibilities are immense, as far as the imagination of the designers will go. There truly is an iron rack to match every taste and décor.

Pricing: Affordable Options Abound!

Pricing mostly depends on size and how many bottles the rack will hold. It also depends on style, as a unit that doubles as a table, storage, or serving area will cost more. However, iron racks prices can range from very inexpensive, under $20 for a small table unit to more expensive for larger or double purpose units, usually in the hundreds. It all depends on your need for storage.

Where to Buy Iron Wine Racks

You can find iron wine racks in many places and sources. You can find them online, and this will give you the most styles and price selections. You will see many discounts and offers by shopping online. A simple search for iron wine racks will give you tons of websites to look at. Also, it will save you time, as you will be able to view a large amount of styles in one sitting in front of your computer, as opposed to going shopping for one at a brick and mortar store.

You can find a few selections in stores, the mall, antique stores, wine stores, and even at garage sales or consignment stores if you are looking for a cheaper bargain.

If you would like something special and custom made, you may want to try a local blacksmith or iron works small business. They may be able to help you with that. This option will have a more personal and handcrafted look; however, you can expect to pay a custom price.

Brands of Iron Wine Racks to Remember

There are many manufacturers and brands of iron wine racks. When you look online, you will find a wide range of manufacturers. To mention some: Grace, Howard Miller, IMAX, Bago Luma, International Caravan, Pangaea, CBK, Alfresco Home, Veneto, and many more.

When it comes down to iron wine racks, the possibilities are many, and there is one out there for your particular taste, décor, and budget.

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