Wooden Wine Racks

From the everyday wine enthusiast to the serious collector, wine is a precious commodity, but storing this prized beverage can pose a problem. However, with the vast selection of wooden wine racks available today, this “dilemma” regarding storage and protection becomes more of a simple matter of taste.

wood wine rack

The Importance of Wine Racks

Wine bottles can be a beautiful addition to kitchen and dining décor, but it is important to use only empty bottles as decoration, because a full wine bottle is best stored on its side. This position keeps the cork moist and enlarged, thus providing a tight fit that protects the bottle’s contents from being damaged by oxygen.

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You should also keep wine stored in a cool environment, out of direct sunlight. And, since everyone doesn’t have a climate-controlled wine cellar, there are, luckily, many varieties of wooden wine racks that will allow you to make the most of your space. Therefore, wine racks are an important investment to keep your collection in optimal condition.

Wine Rack Options

When incorporating a wine rack into your home, it is important to decide what role you want this piece to play in your décor.

  • Do you want an artistic addition to your furnishings? If so, then a curio style, a credenza, or an ornate console cabinet might be your preferred method to discreetly store your wine collection.
  • Perhaps you would prefer to house your wine in a more functional way. If so, then a storage cabinet that also functions as a wine bar or as a wineglass storage area might work best.
  • Limited on space? Perhaps stackable wine crates or small, compact shelving units that can easily be tucked out of the way may be your preference.

Other creative options include wine racks designed to fit in corners (a wonderful way to make use of wasted space), artistic, wall-mounted units that allow you to safely display your wine and add a whimsical touch to your walls, or designer tables that provide interest and functionality. Another good choice for limited space, or for those who love to entertain, is the multifunctional kitchen island cart. Such units can easily function as a table on wheels, a cutting board, a cabinet, and of course, as a convenient wine storage area (a perfectly portable choice for hosting parties).

Why Choose Wood?

Though home interiors vary greatly, wooden wine racks are a logical choice for most enthusiasts. Wooden wine racks are available in such variety that they can easily blend with any décor. Whether your style is old-world, traditional, exotic, or modern, finding the perfect addition to your home furnishings can be easily accomplished.

Additionally, wooden wine racks provide sturdy, durable protection for their precious cargo. Wine bottles, if jarred, are less likely to break if supported by a wooden wine rack (as opposed to its metal counterpart), since the wood provides a more sturdy cushion that helps to absorb impact.

Finally, wooden wine racks tend to be more durable. Metal racks can sag and warp over time, and there is the possibility of bending the wire rungs, which will prevent wine bottles from being stored at a correct angle or prevent a bottle from being safely nested within its slot. In contrast, wooden wine racks can provide a safer and longer shelf life for your collection.

Selecting the Type of Wood

There are many types of wood used for building wooden wine racks. Pine and Beech are the softest, most common types of wood and, therefore, the most inexpensive. Maple and Oak are more expensive, as they are sturdier and denser. But, if you want to select the sturdiest choice, then Cherry and Mahogany are the best. These hardwoods are the most dense options for construction, and, though more expensive, usually offer the most durability.

One wood to perhaps avoid, however, is cedar. Since cedar is an aromatic wood, there is a possibility of its scent affecting/tainting the housed wine, so this choice, though wonderful for dressers, bedroom sets, and tables, should probably be avoided as an option for your wine rack.

Where to Purchase a Fine Wood Wine Rack

When deciding where to shop for your wooden wine rack, first decide how much money you wish to spend. Wood wine racks can range anywhere from $40 for a small storage space to thousands of dollars for a customized wine storage area.

If you wish to house a collection of precious collectables, then, of course, you would be wise to make an equivalent investment in your choice for storage. However, no matter your budget, it is possible to find a wooden wine rack that can suit your tastes and needs.

Many nationwide chain stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, and Kohl’s can supply you with affordable options, but such affordability can come at the expense of quality. If you select an inexpensive option, be prepared to replace it every few years if it sees regular use, as the frame can potentially become unstable or begin to sag. Also, note that such stores offer much more variety and sometimes better quality online, so be sure to do your research.

Benefits, and Risks of Shopping Online for Wood Wine Racks

If you are comfortable shopping online, then the sky’s the limit on finding wooden wine rack selections of all shapes, sizes, colors, and prices. The most typical brand names for wooden wine racks include Winsome, Wine Cellar Innovations, KegWorks, and Catskill Craftsmen, Inc.

One drawback to online shopping, however, is that you are limited by the quality of the photograph and product description to determine if your investment is a quality piece. Be sure to do your research and, if possible, read customer reviews on the products and the company before making your purchase.

If you wish to purchase a wooden wine rack from a store that offers better quality in stock than the stores listed above, then department stores like JCPenney, Sears, or your local furniture retailers can provide a wider selection and an opportunity to inspect the quality/workmanship of the piece in person.

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