Everstar Wine Cooler

The Everstar wine cooler is made by well-known wine cooler brand Franklin for home superstar Home Depot. It is an attractive cooler in a perfect under-the-counter size. While many owners of this model swear by it, just as many seem to have a long list of complaints.

Here is what you need to know if you are considering purchasing this controversial cooler.

franklin chef everstar wine cooler

Everstar Wine Cooler Available On Amazon.com

Specifics of the Everstar Wine Cooler

  • Holds 30+ bottles.
  • Glass doors offer a full view of the interior.
  • Dual temperature and lighting controls for each side.
  • Locks and keys available.
  • Chrome plates wire racks are functional and attractive.
  • Unit is designed to be used either as a free standing cooler or a built-in.
  • Internal memory can hold information including temperature settings through power outages.

Advantages and Disadvantages: Consumer Reviews of Everstar

Many wine cooler owners enjoy the Everstar for its stylish good looks and dual zone controls. However, there have been many complaints about this brand as well, from leaking and producing too much heat to simply not being reliable. Complaints seem to be centered in the following five categories:

  1. Water leaks, both inside and outside the unit.
  2. Overheating.
  3. Temperature alarm goes off regularly.
  4. Requires several inches of space above and behind if used as a built-in.
  5. Seems very prone to simply breaking and not cooling anymore.

Owners who did not experience any of these problems adore their Everstar wine cooling units. However, the owners who had issues reported that customer service was either nonresponsive or slow in responding. This patchy track record should make a potential buyer seriously consider their purchase.

Price Range for these Wine Coolers

Models of the Everstar wine cooler can run from $450 to $700, depending on the options and the style being purchased as well as current sales and promotions. There are several different wine cooler brands that make models of this size in this price range. In fact, this range seems to be approximately average for this size and type of wine cooler. Popular brands Avanti and Haier both make similar wine coolers at about the same price.

Where to Purchase Your Everstar Coolers

Because the Everstar is made specifically for Home Depot, it can only be bought there. However, buyers looking for this specific model should know that the Everstar is an exact copy of the Franklin Chef 36 Commercial Wine Cellar, which is available at Sears and other retailers for the same approximate price. It should be noted too, that the Franklin model in question has had the same complaints as the Everstar wine cooler.

While the Everstar wine cellar may seem like a good deal with many popular and useful features, it may indeed be too good to be true. Few people have the patience for a wine cooler that, however multifunctional and attractive, leaves water stains on their floors and cannot keep wine at a stable temperature.

Although every brand has its flaws, it is important to make an informed decision. Because there are many similar wine coolers available at the same stores for relatively the same price, shoppers should really spend the time to comparative shop, and determine clearly, whether or not this brand is the right one for them.

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