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Simple Facts on Building a Customized Wine Rack

For consumers and wine connoisseurs seeking the perfect wine rack for their collections, the selections available on the retail market may not always match the visual designs they have in mind. Others may be appropriate with regards to design or style, but with too large or too small for the intended use.

For some, the perfect wine rack they envision may not exist anywhere beyond their own imaginations. For people who have a vision that exceeds what is currently available, thankfully, there is the ability to create custom wine racks that meet their exact visual, spatial, and functional needs.

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What Types Of Custom Wine Racks Are There?

There are varying levels of customization available when it comes to wine rack design. In a very general sense, being able to choose the finished color of your wine rack may classify it as a custom piece. The same applies for being able to choose the material used to create the rack.

  • Modular units, designed to mixed and matched are, in essence, custom pieces, as no two consumer imagined designs are likely to be the same.
  • True custom pieces, typically, are uniquely based on the consumer’s size, material, design, and shape specifications, making them truly one-of-a-kind pieces.

Manufacturer Customization

The majority of consumers seeking a new wine rack will typically pay a visit to their local home design or wine store to browse the available choices. If unsuccessful in finding something to suit their needs, they made venture online to see the wider selection the internet has to offer. There they may stumble across what many manufacturers are beginning to incorporate into the major product lines. Wine rack manufacturers, for example, are beginning to offer semi-customizable wine racks directly from the manufacturer. This can save the consumer money up-front, and they will still be able to control many of the design and construction elements of their racks.

  • The pieces are usually classified as semi-customizable because many of the features are pre-determined. A consumer could go online and choose from one of four styles of wine racks: counter top, table top, cabinet, or cart.
  • The next selection may be the number of bottles you want the rack to hold, limited of course by the stye of rack that has been selected.
  • The material of the rack could then be chosen, followed by the finished color, if applicable.

This is a custom wine rack due primarily to the control you, as the consumer, have in selecting the key elements of the design and construction. Of all the custom designs, these types will tend to be the cheapest option, dependent of course on the materials and specifications selected.

Modular Customization

For consumers seeking more substantial wine racks, modular units are quickly growing in popularity. These tend to be most common for new home construction or major home renovation, although they can be incorporated into existing designs with a little modification.

Modular designs are typically intended for full or partial wall wine racks. They can incorporate other elements aside from simply wine storage, including display shelves, wine glass holders, or other storage space, but their primary design is focused on wine bottle storage. The modular generally consist of either cube or rectangular shaped components, sometimes resembling small bookcases. Each component is a standard width, allowing them to be stacked, and a standard height, allowing them to fit accordingly into a range of standard ceiling sizes. Decorative elements, including picture windows or archways can also be incorporated into the design.

Modular units are typically wooden in design, but may features other types of metal hardware or ornamental accents. They come in a range of color and finish options, typically applied after market before they are delivered to the home for installation. This ensures that the color and finish will be as uniform as possible for all the coordinating pieces. Modular pieces can be very affordable or very costly. This depends entirely on the number of pieces being purchased, as well as the decorative accents being added.

One Of A Kind Designs

Typically on the highest end of he custom wine rack price range are true custom designs. These are essentially designed by the consumer, typically while working with a professional for purposes of correct specification and material limitations. They can be anything from finding a picture of a wine rack you love but needing it built to be twice the size. It could also involve seeing a wine rack design you admire in wrought iron, but wanting the design created in stainless steel to better match your existing appliances.

Aside from the additional time it takes to create a custom piece, custom prices tend to be higher because of the skill sets the consumer is paying for. If they are seeking a wine rack made from stainless steel, they will be paying top dollar for someone skilled in metal working. Likewise, for an ornate wood wine rack, an expert in wood construction and carving would be required.

While there may be companies that say they specialize in custom pieces, they are most likely employing a variety of material experts or outsource specific needs to local metal or wood workers. At times, the consumer may be better off going straight to the skilled professional to try and save the cost of the design company. This, of course, works best when the consumer already had a firm idea of the product they are looking for, as well as realistic expectations as to what can be accomplished with their desired specifications and budgetary constraints.

Custom wine racks give you the chance to select your materials, your styles, your size, and any other details you may wish to add into the design. Some custom pieces even involve taking existing items, such as a whiskey barrels or an Egyptian sarcophagus replica, and turning them into custom wine racks.

Custom built-in wine racks for homes are also quite common and range anywhere from a closet wine rack to an entire basement conversion. While the cost associated with true custom pieces can add-up very quickly, the possibilities are truly endless as to the finished products that can be created.

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