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Storage for Your Wine Cellar: There Are Many Options

Once you get your wine cellar built, you have to face the task of selecting the right wine racks to store your bottles. This can be a big job because there’s so much out there, and there’s a lot of variation in price- but when you look over the selection, a few basic things become obvious.

Some basement wine racks are made of wood, some of metal; some are made to store large numbers of bottles, while others are smaller units holding a few; some hang and some stand free. Let’s take a look at some of the available options.

wine racks for the basement

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Manufacturers of Basement Wine Racks

When you go searching for basement wine racks, you will frequently see the name Oenophilia. This is a company that manufactures attractive and serviceable wine storage equipment, mostly made from wrought iron but also carrying some wooden units.

At Oenophilia you can find an impressive variety of basement wine racks, ranging from smaller units that are made to stand on a table, to large standing or hanging units with a greater capacity. Of course, there is a lot of variation in price according to the size of the rack, but Oenophilia’s products are much less expensive than many , and are unique and attractive.

For instance, they have a series of units called wine lounges, which are four-bottle free standing racks made of metal and painted bright colors. They are stackable, and are sold in groups of six. The suggested retail price for each four-bottle rack is only $10, and you can use them for the prominent display of a few bottles, or stack them for greater capacity. These are fun, attractive, and they can grow as your collection grows. This is only one of the products available from this company, which makes attractive and serviceable storage equipment, most of which is well under $100.

Another good name in wine storage equipment is Wine Cellar Innovations. This company, which sells everything related to the wine cellar, has a fine line of wooden wine storage equipment, ranging from smaller standing racks to larger cases and cabinets. Their products have a clean, simple design and the natural wood finish will fit in anywhere.

Many of their pieces are tall, narrow racks that can be placed side-by-side to make wider racks. Some of these are as low as $30 or $40; larger units are in the $70 range. Of course, this company offers a wide assortment of pieces at different prices, but in browsing their website, you will find many items under $300. A few of their pieces require some assembly. Wine Cellar Innovations offers installation service.

Vintage Cellars offers a line of kits for the assembly of wooden wine racks and cabinets. Their designs are available in redwood, red oak and poplar with a variety of finish options. When assembled, their products make handsome wine storage equipment that would look good in any wine cellar.

As with the previous companies, many of Vintage Cellars’ pieces are modular- small units that can be placed together to make bigger ones. The smaller modular units are priced as low as $60. Of course, there are more expensive pieces, but you will find very few over $300. Installation is offered.

Another company offering an impressive assortment of equipment for the wine cellar is Vigilant Woodworks. They sell both kit and custom wine cellars, and their products have the simple elegance of wood. It has a basic, no-frills look, and comes in six finish options to match any decor. Individual modular units can be as low as $100 – $120. Larger units can be as much as $600, but most are under $350. The classic, timeless look of their pieces will look good forever and display your wine collection with class. Again, installation is offered.

If you’re looking for a smaller, freestanding storage unit instead of a larger one, then perhaps you should check out Enclume, a company that specializes in metal storage equipment for the kitchen and bar. Their wine products are made of hammered steel, and consist of small standing or hanging bottle racks. While you typically might want larger racks or shelves for most of your wine collection, sometimes it’s also nice to have parts of it in units like this, so they will be more visible and perhaps easier to reach. The Enclume racks are simple and classy, displaying your bottles to best advantage. Most of them are in the $180 to $240 range.

These are only a few of the companies that offer storage equipment for the wine cellar; a full listing would easily fill a book. These are offered here simply as representative examples, to give you some idea of what’s out there.

  • Modular units are in – they work for wine collections of any size, and grow as the collection grows. While high-end items are certainly available, many units are affordably priced for those with limited budgets.
  • There are lots of kits available, but you can get help with installation if you need it.
  • Many of the companies that make these wine racks also make everything else you will need for your cellar, and will even help you design it if you like, so you may be able to do all of your shopping at a single location.

Shopping for Wine Racks on the Internet

Looking for this stuff on the Internet can be tedious, because the selection is huge. While it’s always fine to go directly to a company’s website and order from them, sometimes it’s nice to have several of them gathered in one place, so you can look at them together. Not only does this save you a lot of clicks, but it also allows you easy comparison shopping.

If you go to sites such as, Winston’s Wisdoms, the Crate and Barrel website and Nextag, you can see products from different companies- and these sites sometimes have some great sale prices, too. Beware of the shipping cost! Some companies offer free shipping, while others don’t- be sure to check the fine print.

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