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Whether you are a serious wine enthusiast or someone who simply takes pride in their home and enjoys entertaining family and friends, the design of your wine glass rack is an important consideration.

The three most important factors to be taken into account are function, style and size.

Very few glass racks are for aesthetic purposes only, other than those designed solely to display a set of antique stemware or some other special collection. In a commercial setting such as a bar or restaurant, function is key.

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Back-of-the-house areas make use of racks that store the most and are as easily accessible as possible, with no thought for how they look. In the customer area, the gleaming rows of glasses often serve as one of the dominant features of the décor, but still – function and accessibility are key.

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Function often takes a secondary role to appearance in the home. It’s not that common for guests to be lined-up at the bar in the den clamoring for service, so being able to instantly put your hands on the right glass is not often crucial. That said, most glass racks available today offer a good balance, so that not only do they look good, but they are also constructed in a way that allows for easy storage and accessibility.

Style and size, of course, depend entirely upon personal preference, available space and integration into the overall decorating theme of the home or establishment. Counter-top and hanging racks are ideal where space is at a premium. Wine glass storage incorporated into a free-standing piece of furniture, like the many beautiful cabinets that hold not only glasses but also the wine bottles and accessories, are often the focal point around which the décor is created.

Wine Cabinets: Storage with Utility

Wine cabinets come in various sizes and are usually made out of one of the popular hardwoods, such as oak, walnut, maple, pine or beech wood. With racks for glasses and bottles that often slide out and the option of refrigeration units being included, there is a wide range in price in wine cabinets.

Smaller, less expensive models can be found at retailers like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Linens and Things and other retailers that carry similar types of furniture. Prices range from less than a hundred to several thousand. Higher end models, like the EuroCave Performance 283 Triple Elite, which has three units for bottles as well as racks for wine glasses, all combined in one solid wood cabinet, costs closer to $17,000.

For those who prefer a somewhat simpler style of wine glass rack, there are several styles to consider. The amount of space you have available and the configuration of your home bar area will normally determine which would be your best choice.

Countertop Stackable Cubes: Modular Efficiency

Stackable cubes, typically made of hardwood, are a great choice for someone who does not want to have to install a hanging rack and prefers their wine glasses to be right on the bar or perhaps on a back bar area.

These versatile units typically hold eight to twelve glasses. One of the best features of stackable cubes is that as your stemware collection grows, more units can be added by stacking on top or placing more units to the side. Even though these cubes do not require any sort of installation, if they are stacked three or more high, they should be attached to the wall or some stable surface.

Cube-stacked glass racks can be found in most stores that carry kitchen or entertaining supplies. They can be combined with units designed to hold wine bottles and may be stacked from floor to ceiling, if properly secured. Prices range from the $50 dollar range to around $200.

Suspended Racks: Elegant and Clean

A particular favorite is the glass rack that is suspended, usually from the ceiling or overhang, with chains. Individual units normally accommodate around two dozen glasses, but several racks can be hung side by side when more storage is required. The chains can be brass or nickel but more often are made of the sturdier chrome-plated steel. These racks are constructed of a variety of materials, with the most common being wood and steel. Available at retailers like Target and the Home Depot for between $50 and $200, these units as well as the other styles can be purchased online.

Under Counter Racks:

Storing wine glasses in racks that are mounted directly underneath a cabinet or shelf is also a popular method. Whether made of wood, pewter or chrome, these racks are very attractive and place the glasses easily within reach, without having to sacrifice counter or bartop space. This is a common style and can be bought online or in most stores that carry items for the home. Prices are comparable to hanging racks, but installation hardware is not always included, so that should be taken into account at time of purchase.

Floor-Standing Racks

The other method of wine glass storage is the floor-standing wine rack. Sometimes made of wood, but more often stainless steel, these units usually combine glass and bottle storage. Depending upon your particular needs, the design can be adjusted so that there are more or less channels for stemware. These are less likely to be found at most retail outlets but are available at many online stores, including,, and, of course, They start at around $100.

With the variety of styles of storage racks for wine glasses available, there is bound to be one to fit most budgets and décor. Whether you are looking for an elegant piece of furniture, a simple space-saving unit that is expandable or the effect of light being reflected from sparking stemware suspended from the ceiling, the choice is yours.

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