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Wine racks are an easy and elegant way to bring character, as well as practicality, into your home. Because there are so many styles and products available, it is imperative to look at all types and designs to make a balanced decision.

One of the most popular wine rack styles is the vertical wine rack design. Because it uses limited floor space and can store a number of wine bottles at one time, it is an obvious option for so many. The rest of this article will introduce you to vertical wine racks, including where to buy and what prices you can expect. It will also compare this type of wine rack to other popular styles.

vertical wine rack

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Should I choose a vertical or horizontal wine rack?
These are the two primary types of wine racks that are sold and purchased today. The availability of space in your home is most likely the determining factor, when deciding between the two. However, if limited or constrained space is not of concern, the vertical wine rack offers unique advantages.

For example, if you desire to find a wine rack to age your wine, a specific type of wine rack must be used. The bottles need to be parallel with the floor, to prevent unwanted air from penetrating a dried, porous cork. Since many vertical wines rack do this properly, it makes the best option.

Additionally, most horizontal wine racks are wall mounted. You would need to consider available wall space to securely fasten your wine rack. All in all, the type of wine rack you select is dependent primarily on the style and layout of your home. Remember that the type of wine rack you chose should also properly store your wine to promote proper aging.

What can I expect the price range to be? Where can I purchase one?
Wine racks have become extremely popular, becoming readily available in hundreds of stores nationwide. No longer being limited to just specialty stores, large chains and department stores are a price effective option.

  • All in one shopping stores, such as Walmart and Target, as well as home improvement stores, have many wine racks to choose from. It is very easy to look online at their website and browse through numerous styles, without having to drive to each individual store. 
  • Although many vertical wine racks can typically be found for only about $35, there are cheaper options and even “do it yourself” options too. Likewise, there are also many more expensive vertical wine racks, which are specially designed and constructed.
  • It is recommended to perform a brief search to obtain a feel for the types of products out there. There are tremendous ranges of styles and varieties of fabricated vertical wine racks to choose from, with extremely affordable pricing.

Is there a particularly reliable brand or style?
Most people would agree that there is not a specific design to use for your wine rack, making it more or less effective than others. Likewise, the material is not particularly important either. Therefore, it is up to your taste and style to choose the design that is right for you.

Most importantly, when choosing a wine rack, look for a durable, solid product. It would be a complete disaster to loose numerous bottles of wine to a faulty wine rack. Likewise, if you can spend a little extra money on the more durable frame, you can perhaps pass it down to your children someday.

Another popular option is to build it yourself! There are countless ideas and plans available online to choose from, walking you through from the beginning stages to the final product. The best part about making a vertical wine rack yourself is the customization. There is nothing that looks better than a perfectly fitting wine rack, specially made to fit in your home. Additionally, it is often very affordable, without being too difficult of a project to tackle. Best of all, when choosing to make a wine rack yourself, you can construct it durably, making it strong enough to last a lifetime.

All in all, when choosing a wine rack, make sure to look at all of the available products. Moreover, do not settle for something that you do not enjoy. There are so many products available that you can find one that specifically fits your style, or consider looking into the “do it yourself” option. The right vertical wine rack can be a fun and creative way to add a little elegance to your home.

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