Wall Mounted Wine Racks

Wine lovers, take heart–there are plenty of affordable wall mounted wine rack choices out there, available in many classy styles and storage capacities! You can get a very basic model for $20 and under, from a number of retailers.

There are “sculpture” wine racks available to satisfy oenophiles and art aficionados alike for under $100, and which provide a lovely accent for kitchens and dining areas. You can easily find wall-mounted racks that allow you to store your wine horizontally or vertically. You can also find stylish 8-bottle wood racks on sale for around $100, if you know where to look.

 wall mount wine racks

Wall Mounted Wine Racks Available On Amazon.com

Where To Shop for Wall Mounted Racks

IKEA has some good wall-mounted wine storage choices.

  • You can score a 4-bottle “Towel Magazine Newspaper” wine rack for just $15.75, so called due to the open-mouthed style of the tiers.
  • The Perfekt Fagerland wine shelf sells for $69.99, stores 10 bottles, and can be mounted, or used as an end shelf or a base cabinet.
  • Their Under Cabinet stainless steel model screws in underneath cabinetry, and stores 3 bottles for only $12.95.

JustWineRacks.com is a good place to shop for wine racks.

  • Their Spectrum 6-Bottle Wall Mounted Wine Rack in Black sells for just $19.99, from a list price of $45.99.

Amazon.com has some amazing wine rack finds for relatively cheap. Among their selection is

  • a black 5-bottle metal rack for $20.93
  • a combination 6-bottle wine and glass rack, ceiling or wall-mount, for $55.75
  • a stylish and sleek 8-bottle SEI Calabria wood rack for $99.99.
  • their very elegant and Old World Fleur de Lis candleholder and wall-mount wine rack is only $29.99.

WineEnthusiast.com offers some affordable selections, with some very nice options under $50.

  • Their 8-Bottle Urban Wall Wine Rack is an excellent complement for any wine lover’s kitchen, retailing for only $49.95.
  • They have a 4-bottle version of that same rack for only $29.99.
  • A Vintage View 18-bottle wine rack sells for $79.95.
  • The Vintage View 12-bottle wine rack gets 5 stars on user ratings, and retails for $82.95.
  • Their professional-looking, classy Maple Wine Bottle & Stem Rack (Espresso colored) for $69.95 is a fantastic way to incorporate the wine bar look into your own home.

Walmart.com has a very classy metal wine and glass wall rack for only $34.96. NexTag.com is another good place to shop for wall mounted wine racks. They list a nice selection of racks under $100 from other retailers, like Wine Enthusiast, Target, Ebay, Crate & Barrel, and Beverage Factory.

Popular Brands of Wall Mount Wine Racks

Some of the bigger names in wine racks, in terms of popularity, include Perfekt Fagerland, Florenz, Blomus, Vintage View, IKEA, and SEI. Oenophilia is another popular brand of wall mounted wine racks that gets high user ratings.

Price Range: Affordable Options, Fine Details Also Available

You can pay as little as $12.95 for an IKEA 3-bottle space saver under cabinet rack, up to $658 for a pegRAIL 36″ mounted wine bar set with 12-bottle capacity and glass rack. There’s almost every conceivable type of wall mount wine rack in between, including a wide variety of artistically-crafted sculpture wine racks, functional-yet-stylish polished metal and finely-crafted wood racks. Most wine racks that the average wine lover would be satisfied with fall in the $100 range and under.

Comparison Shopping

“There’s no arguing taste” someone very perceptive once said. But you can argue value, and how much the you the consumer are getting for your money.

Opinions will still vary on this point, as value ratings are part of a very subjective process. Does a dark wood wine holder work better for your interior design over polished chrome? How much wine do you and your loved ones drink?

Let’s say you answered “wood, and lots of wine” to the two questions. You will probably want to pick something like the aforementioned SEI Calabria 8-bottle rack. If you answered “metal, and not much” then head over to IKEA and get one of their cheap yet smartly-functional 3 or 4-bottle wall mounted wine racks for under $20 each.

You might ask, “Where can I buy wine racks online from a reputable seller?” There are many online retailers with secure transaction availability. Sites like Amazon.com, Wine Enthusiast, and IKEA sell in good conscience, i.e. with money-back and product quality guarantees.

Just doing your own shopping around, you’ll be sure to land on a good deal that suits both your functionality and aesthetic needs. Finding an online retailer that includes free shipping in the cost always sweetens the deal, and there are quite a few who will offer this.

It’s also possible to find discount or cheap wine racks at your local housewares retailer, as well as second-hand stores who sell surplus stock.


Knowing where and how to find the best wall mounted wine racks for your money only takes a little research. Look for high overall user ratings to denote better-performing wine racks. Taking the extra time and effort to do your homework on best-selling and highly rated wine racks could save you money and energy in the long run.

  • Don’t buy from online retailers who don’t have comprehensive product listings and user reviews or ratings, or secure and verified transaction capabilities.
  • A few well-worded searches will put you on the pages you need, in order to find the best wine racks for your budget and utility requirements.

If you’re a beginner when it comes to wine accoutrement, or budget is a concern, the IKEA options for under $20 should do just fine for you. But, for advanced wine experts, and for those who have no financial concerns–let your imagination run wild, and you’ll find wall mounted wine racks and wine rack/glass rack combination items that will satisfy your wine storage needs.

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