Small Wine Racks

small wine racksWhen many consumers think of wine racks, vast endless rows of dusty bottles hidden away in dark cellars may come to mind. Others may think of the full wall spanning wine racks at high end restaurants, showcasing hundreds of bottles that diners have to choose from to pair with their meal.

For the average consumer, however, there will typically never be a need for anything quite so substantial for wine storage needed in their home. Small wine racks, thankfully, are more abundant than ever, offering wine lovers the opportunity to store and display their personal wine collections with affordable ease.

What Styles And Sizes Of Small Wine Racks Are Available?

The attraction for consumers of small wine racks in the wide variety of shapes, styles, and sizes they can be found in. The concept of a small wine rack as a decorative accessory has become so popular, in fact, that many consumers buy the wine rack first and then choose random bottles of win to stock it with in order to complete the look.

Small Wine Racks Available On

As they have gradually evolved from a functional item to one that places just as much emphasis on visual appeal, the selection has grown significantly. It is because of this expansion that small wine racks can now be found to suit any design style and a wider range of sizes.

Big Things In Little Packages

Just because a wine rack is categorized as small, doesn’t necessarily mean the number of bottles it can hold are as limited as one may think. While there are wine racks on the market designed to hold a single bottle of wine, primarily intended for dining table or novelty use, there are quite a few compact designs that can hold a significant amount of bottles.

The majority of table top or counter top wine racks will typically hold anywhere from one to five bottles of wine. These are intended for storing wines frequently used for cooking or drinking purposes that the consumer prefers to keep close to the kitchen or dining area for convenience purposes. Most wall mounted wine racks will hold anywhere from five to ten bottles, depending on the nature of the rack itself. Small floor standing wine racks, on the other hand, can typically hold ten to twenty bottles, a surprisingly large number considering their outwardly compact designs.

At times, the wine rack itself is a component of another piece of furniture, incorporating the wine storage capability into another piece of kitchen or dining room furniture. Small wine racks are commonly found incorporated into kitchen cabinets as well, often mounted over the stove for a more artistic appeal. A wine rack doesn’t necessarily have to be a stand alone item.

Modern Design Trends

No where is the popularity of the small wine rack seen more than in the modern design arena. With a general focus on minimalistic design, modern décor themes are the ideal environment to incorporate the smaller wine storage options into. Modern table or counter top small wine racks tend to fall into one of two categories, sleek and sophisticated or whimsical and novelty oriented.

Sleeker designs will typically incorporate smooth lines, emphasizing either sharp lines or soft curves. They will often be designed to hold three to five bottles in a horizontal placement. Emphasizing the wine bottles more than the storage rack itself. Some larger models will feature as additional one or two rows of storage to accommodate a larger wine collection, making stackable designs popular for people who prefer to expand the size of their small wine racks as their actual wine collection grows.

Novelty designs, on the other hand, have grown increasingly popular over the last few years. These can range from a plump chef statue proudly carrying your bottle of wine to a coffin shaped wine casket. Another popular choice is the single bottle holder that relies on physics and balance to support a wine bottle with as minimal a support base as possible, giving the illusion of the bottle defying gravity itself. These novelty items make ideal housewarming gifts for the wine lover who seems to have it all and are typically very affordable.

Traditional Small Wine Racks

For consumers who prefer a more traditional look and feel to their wine racks, there are still a wide selection of small wine racks to choose from. For the most traditional design, these racks rely on wood as their main component. Taking their cue from the more massive wine cellars, whole images many people are familiar with, they rely on simple designs and clean lines. For more visually striking varieties, exotic woods can be used, bearing unique color variations, combined with more elegant woodworking details, such as ornamental carvings or etchings. Wood wine racks can also be designed with a minimalist look, simply resembling a series of cross beams to support the wine bottles in a more open air design, or take on a more substantial appearance, using full wood panels to house the bottles in their own enclosed compartments.

Vintage And Vintage Inspired Small Wine Racks

For the more ornate of all the small wine rack options, consumers tend to find themselves geared towards the more vintage and vintage inspired designs.

Wrought iron, one of the most popular material choices for antique wine racks, was known for its extreme durability, making true antique wine racks common on the second-hand market today. Since wrought iron is no longer mass produced, manufacturers have also relied on other metals that can mimic the feel and form of wrought iron to produce the vintage look through the use of modern manufacturing processes, sometimes offering a significant cost benefit over true antique pieces.

While the majority of vintage pieces tended to be somewhat large in nature, there are still several examples of small antique wine racks available. In order to fill the gap between supply and demand, manufacturers will also focus a significant portion of their vintage replication designs on smaller, compact wine rack designs to satisfy consumer need.

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