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Wine is one of the luxuries in life that nearly everyone can enjoy. From bold and fragrant, to light and fruity, the various flavors and varieties offer a seemingly endless number of choices to pick from.

While the taste of a wine is one of the most important aspects, many consumers take just as much pleasure displaying their wine collections as they do drinking them. For this reason, wine racks have grown significantly in popularity over the years, evolving from wooden racks buried deep in the cellar to artistic designs meant for everyone to see and appreciate.

Modern wine racks, in particular, offer the wine lover a true appreciation of the visual impact a wine collection can have within the home.

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What Is The Purpose Of A Wine Rack?

A wine rack is designed to hold a bottle of wine at the proper angle for storage. The idea is to store the bottle in a manner that allows the wine inside to remain in constant contact with the cork that seals the bottle. Ideally, the cork should be completely covered by the wine in the bottle, allowing it to maintain the proper moisture levels within the bottle and prevent it from drying-out. As long as the cork remains moist, the wine will maintain the proper balance of liquid and air within the bottle. In order to keep the wine at its optimum quality level, wine racks are used to store anywhere from a single bottle of wine to hundreds of bottles at a time.

What Is Modern Design?

The whole concept of modern design has always been a more forward looking approach to decorating. It is intended for consumers who prefer to stay on the cutting edge, always on the lookout for the next hot trend that will set their decorating style apart from the rest of the pack. It is because of this that modern design tends to rely so heavily on unique materials and designs to better distinguish it from more traditional design options.

What Are Current Trends In Modern Wine Rack Designs?

For the wine connoisseur who is also a fan of modern design, the wine rack offers the perfect opportunity to show your love of wine as well as your unique sense of style. Since modern design relies so heavily on materials and shapes, these are the two biggest influences in modern wine rack designs that help get them the attention they deserve and allow them to create the biggest visual impact.

Material Options: the Sky’s the Limit

One material that has always had a strong presence in modern design has been plastic. While many people view this as a rather ordinary material, the use of plastic in furniture design, modern wine racks in particular, are what help to give them that ‘pop’ that many consumers are searching for.

Bright colors are typically the key to giving plastic the edge it needs to be on the forefront of modern design. Granted, plastic wine racks may not be ideal for everyone, but for consumers who aren’t afraid to show their whimsical side, a bright colored modern wine rack made from glossy plastic may be the perfect accessory.

Another hot commodity in the modern design rack material department is stainless steel. Technically, there are a variety of metals, such as brushed nickel and polished chrome, that can offer the same visual benefits, but stainless remains one of the most popular choices. Heavily relied on for its silver luster and brushed metal finishes, stainless steel wine racks offer a bold contrast to the darker tones of bottles and wines in most wine collections.

Metallic surfaces have long been associated with modern design, offering that slightly futuristic feel hat consumers desire. Modern wine racks take this a step further, pairing metal with frosted glass to create the perfect blend of hard and soft visual statements, blended together in contract to make a beautiful impact.

Thanks to the growing desire to lead greener lifestyles, recycled materials are also taking center stage in modern wine rack designs. From metals to plastic to even reinforced, recycled cardboard, the growing green movement offers a whole new range of repurposed and recycled materials that offer new ranges of colors and textures. The unique designs that these materials tend to possess also make it somewhat apparent hat they have been created from recycled and repurposed materials, adding to their modern design appeal.

Design Styles

Regardless of the materials modern wine racks are made from, the visual impact itself is heavily reliant on the overall design of the rack.

While unusual angles were once the top choice to convey a sense of modern style, waves and curves are the hot style on the market right now. Clean lines are also very popular, particularly with consumers drawn more toward minimalist designs, long popular in modern décor themes.

Modern wine racks are also about unique methods of storage, sometimes relying heavily on offset storage, as opposed to evenly spaced rows. On the other hand, the over-emphasis of perfectly spaced storage is a key component of the minimalist style.

How Available Are Modern Wine Racks?

For consumers who prefer to find what they want immediately, modern wine racks are not only abundant in local home design and home improvement stores (often at extremely affordable price points), they can also be found in more specialized home décor stores in a slightly higher price range.

For those willing to spend extra time in exchange for access to a wider selection, the internet provides access to a much broader offering of designers and manufacturers. The availability of merchandise online allows consumers a wider range of modern design options than ever before, giving them an array of choices to suit nearly any budget or design theme, even offering sources that cater to custom design driven solely by consumer specifications.

From plastic to metal, from funky to sophisticated, the modern wine rack market is seemingly endless in its design options. Whether you’re looking to spend $20 or $2,000, there is bound to be the ideal modern wine rack on the market to suit your needs perfectly.

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