Terra Cotta Wine Racks

Putting the Earth to Work for You

Because of the natural physical properties of terra cotta tile, expert wine collectors select this material to store their wine. This material has been used for centuries to store wine collections.

Terra cotta is not prone to rotting or deterioration. Therefore, terra cotta tiles survive well in a cool, humid environment that is characteristic of most wine cellars. The material’s natural properties control temperature fluctuations. Consequently, wine collectors can use the material to maintain ideal temperatures for aging wines. The material possesses a natural beauty that is an enhancement to any wine cellar.

terra cotta wine rack

Terra Cotta Wine Racks Available On Amazon.com

The units are available to consumers in hexagonal, octagonal, or round outer shapes. Each unit can accommodate four 750 ml wine bottles.

Terra cotta tile wine storage can stand alone as a free standing unit or they can be built into a wall unit. The vessels may be separated and soaked in water. This allows the clay to cool and act as a singular wine cooler unit.

Several companies offer the terra cotta tile wine racks. Companies that offer the terra cotta storage units are listed below, as well as the features of this unique storage solution.

Superior Clay Corporation

Superior Clay Corporation offers terra cotta tile wine racks in round, octagonal, and hexagonal designs. This company has been in existence for more than 100 years. They produce clay products reminiscent of the way clay has been used in ancient times. The plant is located in Urichsville, Ohio. The natural clays are gathered from local sources near the Tuscarawas River. They produce high quality clay products and carefully designed terra cotta reproductions. The company stands by its products and strives to provide quality service in addition to superior clay products.

Round Terra Cotta Wine Racks

Round wine racks are available in 4 inch and 6 inch interior diameters. Each terra cotta wine rack is 12 inches deep. The height and width of the 4 inch diameter round terra cotta wine racks are 5.125 inches. The weight is 6 pounds. The height and width of the 6 inch diameter round terra cotta wine racks are 7 inches. The weight is 14 pounds.

Octagonal Terra Cotta Wine Racks

Octagonal wine racks are available in 4 inch interior diameters. The height and width of the 4 inch diameter round terra cotta wine racks are 5.125 inches. The weight is 8 pounds.

Hexagonal Terra Cotta Wine Racks

Hexagonal wine racks are available in 4 inch interior diameters. The height and width of the 4 inch diameter round Terra Cotta wine racks are 5.125 inches. The weight is 8 pounds.

Hexagonal Terra Cotta Wine Racks – Four Bottle Set

Hexagonal wine racks are available in 4 inch interior diameters. The height and width of the 4 inch diameter round terra cotta wine racks are 10.125 inches. The weight is 28 pounds.

Price Range: Prices are obtained from by quote only. However, they are probably in the range of $9 and $15 per wine sleeve. Discounts may be given if purchased in bulk.

Where to Purchase Terra Cotta Wine Racks: Consumers may purchase terra cotta wine racks by inquiring online at www.superiorclay.com.

Comparing Popular Terra Cotta Rack Retailers:

Weston Mill Pottery, Relbia, Tile Gallery

Superior Clay is located in Ohio and produces the terra cotta wine racks from local clay. Companies like Weston Mill and Relbia are located in the United Kingdom and Australia, respectively. Tile Gallery is located in Pennsylvania. However, the selection from these providers is limited. They appear to have a burgundy colored terra cotta wine rack available. Superior Clay only has the traditionally colored terra cotta. Weston Mill also offers colors, such as olive green and ochre for variation. 

Weston Mill Pottery

Weston Mill Pottery is a company located in the United Kingdom. The terra cotta wine racks are made from quality English clay. The clay is durable and maintains ideal, consistent temperature for the wine stored in the wine racks. The material also restricts light, which is important in aging wine. The individual sleeves may be stacked to resemble a honeycomb from a bee hive or be built into a fixed unit.

The units are available in multiple colors. Currently, the company offers olive green and ochre to consumers. The units are 19 cm deep and 10.5 cm or 11.5 cm wide. The units may be stacked on their flat edges or most commonly, on their pointed edges. The arrangement depends upon the consumer’s preference.

The wine sets may be purchased singularly by the sleeve or in sets of 10, 36, 50, 146, or 2500 units. The company will assist consumers in developing a personal design for their home. Many of the 146 units fit comfortably under the stairs. Alternatively, serious wine collectors possess 2500 units in the cellar.

Price Range: Prices are approximately £7.50 per sleeve. Units that consist of 36 sleeves cost approximately £185.00.

Consumers may purchase this particular style of terra cotta wine racks by inquiring online at: wmpot.co.uk/store/wine.asp.

The benefit of Weston Mill terra cotta wine racks is that they offer the consumer multiple colors. Other companies, such as Superior Clay, only offer consumers the traditional clay version. For those who may use the honeycomb structure in the kitchen, the color selection and available palettes may be limiting.

As stated above, companies such as Tile Gallery are found in Pennsylvania. However, the selection is limited. Consumers may obtain a round burgundy colored version for their homes from this company. Relbia is located in Australia and provides consumers with traditional terra cotta wine racks. However, the variety of colors is not offered.


When comparing Superior Clay to Weston Mill terra cotta wine racks, the quality of Superior Clay appear to be slightly better than Weston Mill. Because the clay is thicker surrounding the wine bottle, those from Sureior Clay appear to offer more insulating qualities than Weston Mill. Superior Clay also offers options in terms of size and shape of the terra cotta wine rack sleeves. However, both terra cotta wine racks appear durable and made of quality clay. Either company should provide a quality product for consumers.

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  1. Lisa Kahn says:

    I live in the Washington DC area. I would like to purchase some terra cotta wine tiles. Can I get these tiles from Superior Clay or another company? I do not want to pay huge shipping fees.

  2. Scott says:

    Are you still interested in purchasing terra cotta wine tiles? I have 70+.

  3. Milka Hider says:

    I would like to purchase some of the Terra Cotta Wine tiles. Would you please send me what the costs are?

    Thank you.

  4. Jimbo says:

    Just use 4″ diameter vitrified clay pipe available at heavy commercial plumbing suppliers. Comes in lengths from 1′-6′ long. Buy a bunch of one footers or get 6′ lengths and cut to length you prefer. For nice square cuts use tile saw (available at rental yards). A skilsaw with 7″ diamond blade (available at Home Depot) will work in a pinch.

  5. Would like more info about clay modules price .

  6. Marshall says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Our factory to make terracotta cooler to wine in China, good quality and low price.

    Please contact me if you are interested it.

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  7. Brett Strough says:

    I have about 320 terra cotta hexagonal pipes/ tiles for sale it will make a 10’x7′ wine wall without any spacing. If interested please contact me at cprproperties@hotmail.com

  8. Kaylee Umlow says:

    Can these wine racks be stacked ? I want about 3

  9. We are a company in the Toronto, Canada area. We stock clay wine hex sleeves as you see in the photo above.
    tel : 905-948-9949

  10. Karen says:


    I’d like to get vase options/shapes and pricing for a single terra cotta wine vase.

    Thank You

  11. eurie lee says:

    I live in south korea. I would like to purchase 100 terracotta wine tiles. Would you please send me what the cost are? Shipping fees as well as.

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  12. jane chamberlain says:

    I am looking for terracotta wine rack in nelson NZ anyone out there got any?

  13. Ron Cianciosi says:

    Interested in about 20 round terra cotta wine racks. Where can I purchase ?

  14. Allen Rawl says:

    Looking for 4″ clay, octagonal drain tiles. What do you have to offer?
    Thank you.

  15. jeff pratt says:

    hi, we sell 4 different types of terracotta wine racks, from single modular to multi-bottle storage. Visit our site and contact us for a quote on shipping.


  16. antony milch says:

    Is it suitable to use these for storing wine bottles in an outside shed where there are temperature fluctuations or will the terracotta be insufficient to compensate for this?

  17. Abbey says:

    Id like to purchase 50-100. We are in North Carolina but travel regularly up and down the east coast.

  18. lyn wainwright says:

    I live in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and have 160 octagonal terracotta drain tiles I would be interested in selling. They are great for storing wine. They are 12″ deep and 5″ high with inside dimension of approx. 4″.

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